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Ian's Black Horse

Travel Air


     The colourful box art gives a clue as to how distinctive the colour scheme is on this model.

Ian decided to go for the one of these black horse models, as the UK market seems to have been flooded with them, and were selling for nearly half the price that they cost a few months before.  He picked one up for 59 from Steve Webb's in Frodsham.  He chose the Travel Air over the two nearly identical models, the Super Air, and Speed Air, as he prefered the colour scheme, and wanted to try a Tail Dragger.


  Travel Air finished, before her maiden flight


The model is a standard Aileron, Rudder and Elevator model, using seperate servo's in the wings for ailerons which will also allow the use of flaperons which should help slow her down on landing.  Ian has chosen to power his with an SC .53 MkIII 2 Stroke engine.  Build quality was excellent considering the price (apparently these Black Horse models are made in the same factory as the reknowned Seagull ARTF's), and very complete with all the major assembly already done.  Assembly consisted of just glueing the wings together, installing the engine and radio, glueing the tail feathers on, and screwing on the landing gear.  Pushrods were already installed in plastic snakes in the fuselage, with good quality hardware used all round.  All in all, took about 3-4 hours work to get ready!  Ian has not maidened her yet, but hopes to ASAP, and will report back.  She is quite a large model at 1.55m in wingspan, but a .40 or .46 engine is recommended, so Ian is going to try the SC .53, with an 11x7 prop, and is hoping it  will haul some major ass!


  Travel Air ready, and awaiting it's first flight.




The Travel Air has now flown, John took her up for the first flight to trim her out.  She was flying beautifully stable and was REALLY quick with the .53 overpowering her.  Unfortunately, the brand new .53 was having a few problems with it's idling, and we had a deadstick.  No problems here, except the landing in the long grass ripped her main undercarriage off, so she has been grounded for a couple of weeks, but is now fixed and ready to fly again!  First impressions though are good, nice and stable and doesn't seem to have any frightening stall tendencies.  Pictures and full flight report to follow.