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This page features more of our members' r/c controlled models

Click on the photos for bigger pictures


Irvine WildCard Geoff's World Models Frontier 40 John J's Weston Hype 3D
World Models Clipped Wing Cub A Busy Day In The Pits The Pits Again
Geoff's Frontier Again The Pits Again And Once More
Irvine WildCard again Geoff's Black Horse Travel Air John A's Seagull PT19
Black Horse Travel Air John J's Hype 3D again Eddie's Wot 4
Twin Jet Racer's Edition Marc's Hirobo Shuttle Peter's Irvine Tutor 40
Wild Card and Clipped Wing Cub Ripmax Spitfire with AXI2810/20 Seagull Pilatus PC9
Ripmax Spitfire Again World Models T34