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Norman's Attilla

     Norman looking on as Frank gets ready to put her in the air on her maiden flight


Norman got the little Attilla from a car boot sale, where it was for sale for a fiver, after the original owner had made a right pigs ear of building it.  Norman has spent months restoring her, and practically rebuilding her from scratch, to the flyable state she is in now.  All left for him to do is add the pilot and the instrument panel.


  Attilla on low fly-by on her maiden flight


It is only a Rudder and Elevator model, powered by an .15 size IC engine, but flew really well on her maiden, although a lot of up elevator was required to maintain level flight when turning.  She is only a small model around 4 feet in wingspan, but is a nice relaxing machine to fly.


  Attilla landing safely on her maiden.  Chris's Tamiya Pajero is next to the runway in the picture, as a few of us big kids like to race cars on terra firma after the days flying has finished!!!!!