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1,    Models falling on growing crops must not be retrieved without the permission of the landowner or his representative


2,      During competitions no models shall be operated outside of the control of the appointed marshall


3,      No model shall be operated which does not conform to the Department of the Environment code of practice regarding noise levels (82 db at 7 metres ) with engine adjusted for optimum performance


4,      Upon proof of B.M.F.A. membership visitors will be permitted to fly at club sites providing that a if under the age of sixteen they are accompanied by a responsible adult and b after 3 visits they apply for W.M.F.C. membership.


5,      No radio equipment will be operated until a thorough check has been made to ensure the frequency of that equipment is free to use


6,      Trainee pilots must not fly without supervision untill they have attained B.M.F.A. A certificate level of competency


7,      The control of operations at club sites will be determined by the club Safety Officer or his deputies, whos ruling will be final

8,       Taxiing to and from the pits area is prohibited
9,       No more than six aircraft shall be airborne at any time