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I.   The name of the club shall be The Widnes Model FIying Club


2.   The aims of the club will be to establish friendly co-operation between members and practice safe and enjoyable flying


3.   The committee will be elected at each AGM and will hold office for one year. This committee will consist of a Chairman. Secretary, Treasurer, Safety officer and three others, All appointments are honorary


4.   The annual subscriptions are due at the end of November and must be paid by January 1st of the following year. If membership is not renewed by this date the full joining fee will be payable


5.   The hon. Secretary’ shall keep, a book containing the minutes of all meetings and shall produce such minutes at following meetings. The hon secretary shall in addition summon all meetings of the club and the committee ant notify members of such


6.   Applicants for membership under the age of  l6 and over the age of 12 will be considered for membership after receiving a letter of consent from their parent or guardian. The parent or guardian will be sent a letter informing them of the commitment required from their child and themselves regarding the need for their charge to be accompanied by themselves whilst at club sites


7.   The hon Treasurer shall receive and pay all monies due to or by the club, and shall keep a correct account of the finances submitting a statement of such duly audited by a club member nominated at each AGM.


8.   The meetings of the committee shall be held as deemed necessary but not less than 4 times per year. All disputes shall be settled by the committee, who will also have the authority to make such by-laws which may be necessary for the well being of the club,


9.   The committee has the power to revoke the membership of any member

whom, in their opinion. bring the club into disrepute. The member shall be informed of any such decision in writing by the committee


10.  Any alteration to the constitution shall only he made at the A or EGM. Any such alteration must be supported he no less than 40% of total club membership


11.  No member shall operate any model aircraft which is likely to cause annoyance or damage to any person or property or that will contravene term’s and conditions of the club insurance, Copies of which will be available to every member.