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This page features photo's of the May Bank Holiday

Weekend 29/5 & 30/5/2005

Click on the photos for bigger pictures


Thunder Tiger Trainer MkII John J's 30 size and 50 size Heli's John J's Weston Mini Hype with West T1 36

Marc Flying his heli Ian's OS 46AX Powered Tiger Trainer MkII Mark with his Raptor 60 size
John J's Mini Hype again Twinjet that has seen better days!! World Models Cessna Skylane EP
Homebuilt Depron Parkflyer with CDRom Motor Eddie's Protech Unlimited 600 Glider Twinjet and WM Cessna Skylane
WM Cessna with brushless Tornado 2025-5300 MPX Twinstar II with Emerald Airways Decals MPX Twinstar II again